Story: IDPs in western Myanmar, Summer 2013

In Rakhine State, Donors Enable WFP To Assist IDPs Who Have No Other Source Of Food

At the Taung Paw camp outside of Myebon town, hundreds of tents are clumped together on a dirt plain. Over 3,600 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) live at this camp, located in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State. They fled here in late October last year, when fighting between Buddhists and Muslims erupted in Rakhine for the second time in 2012. Dozens were killed in the violence that pitted neighbour against neighbour, thousands of homes and buildings were burned, and tens of thousands of people fled in panic.

There are now up to 140,000 displaced persons in Rakhine State, both Muslim and Buddhist. They are living in camps like Taung Paw in Myebon, or in tents among the houses that escaped destruction, or with friends and relatives among host communities.

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