Interview with IFC business line leader, 2007

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An interview I conducted with IFC’s Senior Operations Manager for linkages for the corporate newsletter, the Partnerships Perspective, in 2007.

I edited the newsletter as a Communications Associate for IFC Advisory Services in Moscow.


Factsheet: Visibility for Vaccines project, 2017

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I developed the content and adapted a standard template design for a one-page factsheet about the Visibility for Vaccines (ViVa) project, an online tool that I also manage for UNICEF.

Currently, we’ve rolled out the tool to 14 countries around the world. I manage the resources, timeline, as well as handle the country rollout in addition to the communications around the project.

Photography: Photo for Morgan Stanley 2013 Sustainability Brochure

Morgan Stanley 2013 Sustainability Brochure Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.19.51 PM

Photographed project activities for Project Renewal, a NYC-based non-profit organization that works with homeless populations in NY. One photo was included in Morgan Stanley’s 2013 Sustainability Report and brochure.

I provided volunteer communications services for the organization in early 2014 to learn more about the issue of homelessness in NY, and photographed project activities and conducted interviews with clients. More photos can be seen on the Project Renewal Flickr page.

Factsheet: International Health Regulations, 2014

Fact Sheet on the International Health Regulations

Created a short, one-page fact sheet on the International Health Regulations for the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

I was supporting the International Health Regulations (IHR) program for WHO and realized very quickly that colleagues could not explain the International Health Regulations to their government partners. There was no short, easily understandable document about the IHR, so I created this factsheet to be uploaded to the WHO EURO website for COs to use and disseminate with their partners.

Template Design: UNDP Afghanistan Factsheets, Spring 2011

Template design and writing/finalization of factsheets for UNDP Afghanistan’s projects.


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Factsheets include project information and key results as well as short story and contact information. Created and designed the template for the factsheets, working with project teams and senior management to identify main points and highlights.

Additional project factsheets can be downloaded in the individual project pages on UNDP Afghanistan’s website.